Joining our team


We’re always interested in talking to qualified postdoc candidates. Particularly those with backgrounds in Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, or any other field where you do applied math for a living. Neuroscience experience is not required, though neuroscience interest is.

Current openings:

Graduate students

Duke provides a wonderful environment for students interested in pursuing the kind of interdisciplinary research we do. As a result, P[λ]ab accepts graduate students through multiple programs:

If you plan on applying, keep a few things in mind:

Full-Time Research Associates

We sometimes advertise positions for research associates/data scientists. These roles are best-suited to post-baccalaureate students who plan to go on to graduate school or careers in data science. Applicants should send a cv, cover letter, and code sample (GitHub/BitBucket/Gitlab profile preferred) to John for consideration. Again, we prioritize applicants with strong coding and quantitative skills.


P[λ]ab offers undergraduates several opportunities to contribute to the work of the lab:

A few points to note: